New open texts by Australian academic libraries

The ASCILITE Open Educational Practices Special Interest Group (OEP-SIG) is a practitioner-led community that supports open educational practice (OEP) in Australian Higher Education. Each month, they produce a monthly digest on all things OEP. The digest is curated by Ashleigh Barber (University of South Australia), Jennifer Hurley (RMIT), Alice Leutchford (James Cook University) and Nikki Andersen (University of Southern Queensland).

The latest issue of the digest features an excellent list of new open texts and resources produced by Australian academic libraries.

A Long Goodbye by James Cook University

James Cook University has published their first open ebook via Pressbooks titled: ‘A Long Goodbye: Ed and Mary’s Journey with Lewy Body Dementia’. The book chronicles Ed’s experiences as a carer following his wife Mary’s diagnosis with Lewy body dementia. Ed’s story provides information and educational resources related to dementia care. Although specifically focusing on Lewy body dementia, the resources are transferable to caring for people with any type of dementia.

Women’s voices in tourism research by the University of Queensland

This book showcases the many contributions that women worldwide have made to tourism research. It also serves as a collective mentoring platform, containing letters written by women to the future generations of tourism researchers and passing on invaluable observations and advice.

23 Scholarly Communication Things by Queensland University of Technology

This resource has been created as an aid to help library staff to learn about the various aspects of Scholarly Communication.  It is designed to be of use to those who are new to academic librarianship and for seasoned professionals wishing to keep up-to-date.

It is not a ‘how to’ guide, but rather a doorway to information that will help you on your quest for knowledge and experience, using various tools and sites related to world of scholarly communications.

Visuals for Influence by the University of Southern Queensland

‘Visuals for influence: in project management and beyond’ is a practical guide with 24 visuals to download, adapt and deploy to engage your stakeholders. This practical guide will build your confidence and practical skills to quickly and effectively leverage the benefits of visuals to maximise your influence.

  • Uncover the science behind the power in visuals
  • Discover software and tools that make visualisation easy
  • Learn pro design tips that give your visuals a professional edge
  • Download a visual archetype, tailor to your needs, and enhance your influence!

Deleting Dystopia by University of Southern Queensland

‘Deleting Dystopia: Re-asserting Human Priorities in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism’ confirms that the existential threats posed by the misuse of advanced digital technologies are real. But, in place of apathy and fatalism, the book explores ways of understanding the threat, conceptualising solutions and identifying strategies that lead away from digital authoritarian futures towards those funded on humanly viable values and practices.

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